Shirley Keinan

Shirley Keinan holds a B.Sc degree in Theoretical Mathematics and Education from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She is now completing her M.Sc studies in Applied Mathematics at the Tel-Aviv University. Shirley joined IMBM at July 2015. Her current work is on the Intensive Care project, focusing on Immune functions and their relation to patient outcomes following traumatic injuries.

Work program for 2016

Shirley’s research, together with Karin Halevi, focuses on the Immune functions of intensive care unit (ICU) patients following traumatic injuries. This project is a collaborative work of IMBM and of a research group led by Prof. Michael Beil from the University of Ulm, Germany, and by Uriel Trahtemberg from the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital.

Shirley’s work includes development and analysis of a mathematical model describing the Immune system response to tissue damage. This model is used for studying early Immune responses following “standard injury” procedures, in particular, the effects of dynamic changes in molecular, cellular and clinical parameters on the various outcomes of ICU patients. Further development of this model will include personalized patient models, outcome prediction and suggestion of possible therapeutic interventions.

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