Dr. Ofer Shlagman

Dr. Ofer Shlagman has completed studies towards a Ph.D. degree in theoretical condensed-matter physics, in the department of physics at Bar-Ilan University. His thesis work, under the supervision of Prof. Efrat Shimshoni, included mainly analytical research in the area of low-dimensional quantum magnets, using quantum field-theoretical techniques to study strongly correlated electronic systems, and transport phenomena as a probe for quantum phase transitions. Ofer joined IMBM in May 2015. In IMBM, he works on a mathematical model for the cellular immune system and its interactions with cancer.

Scientific activity in 2015

During this year, Ofer's research has focused on the development of CD8+ T-cell memory and its implications on the cellular immune response to cancer. Motivated by intriguing phenomena related to immunotherapy treatments to cancer in particular and new observations on the development of CD8+ T-cell memory and the cellular immune response to , we developed a mathematical model which incorporates many of the aspects of the cellular immune system and its interaction with cancer.

Work program for 2016

This year, we intend to apply the model for the study of immunotherapy treatments to cancer. In particular, we wish to validate the model with clinical data and apply the model to assess efficacy of different treatment protocols.


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  2. Shlagman O, Shimshoni E. Plaquette Order in a Dimerized Frustrated Spin-Ladder, Physical Review B, 2014 Vol. 90, Issue. 19 p.195143

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